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When you see the Oscar Onsite logo you know with the contractor firm you are hiring , you are engaging with a firm that meets above the required levels of competence and has had their staff trained to a high level of competency and their work regularly inspected to ensure consistent quality, and has made a positive commitment to good customer services and trading practices

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Search our list of accredited Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction Firms who specialise in the removal of Cavity Wall Insulation to National Occupational Standards, or find a qualified Cavity Wall Insulation Surveyor. You’ll see the firm or persons name, what Town or City that they operate in and services they offer.

All searchable members are Trustmark registered

  • Online quote on monthly repayments
  • Includes quality workmanship survey
  • Instant decision online
  • A full inspection of all elevations and highlighting and areas that need work to make your home weatherproof and watertight
  • An invasive Cavity Wall Insulation survey to identify any faults or failures that cause damp, mould and other problems.
  • Energy Report highlighting your financial losses relating to the condition of your property and bespoke Carbon Footprint readings.
OSCAR Waterproofer

Hydrophobic coatings will become the benchmark for the building trade generally in the future and therefore we are proud to provide Technical Monitoring services to the UK’s Leading brand and their installers

Government targets for fuel poverty and carbon reduction and also in its desire for everyone to live in a warm, comfortable and energy efficient home, bring exciting opportunities for new and innovative coating technologies like OSCAR Waterproofer